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At the Royal Son Bou Family Club we are firmly convinced that society must safeguard the rights of children. We believe that this should be a common project in all cultures. Because without children there is no future.

Protecting them is not always an easy task, although we are already fully in the 21st century. In our time, new threats and needs keep emerging which tended to affect the most defenseless and require the active involvement by everyone.

In the Royal Son Bou Family Club we want to get actively involved and this is why we present Royal Family Care as a boost and reinforcement of the projects that attend, investigate and develop child protection initiatives.

Candidates profile

The candidates will be individuals and non-profit organizations of the European Union that develop or have planned the development of initiatives in the following areas:

  • Research on rare childhood diseases.
  • Promotion of information campaigns and visibility on rare childhood diseases.
  • Financial support campaigns for families of hospitalized children.
  • Initiatives that favor access to education and fight against child poverty.
  • Fund raising to cover expenditures resulting from child emergency situations (tornadoes, earthquakes, floods, etc.)
  • Impulso de la comunidad local promocionando iniciativas sociales en la infancia.
  • Boosting of the local community promoting social childhood initiatives.

There is no limit to projects submitted by the same candidate


Royal Family Care is endowed with 5,000 euros, amount that will be awarded to the selected project in one payment from the date of resolution.

The winning project will be responsible for justifying and demonstrating the investment made thanks to Royal Family Care.

Application Process

  • Interested projects should fill out the electronic form on this page.
  • Candidates shall provide a Brief Descriptive and Economic Report of the Project.
  • The winning project should be developed in accordance with the submitted application and cannot be modified in its objectives.

Announcement of winner

The results of the project contest will be announced on the Royal Son Bou Family Club website, in the newsletter and on the active social networks profiles (Facebook and Instagram).

The winning project will be obliged to explicitly mention the Royal Son Bou Family Club as sponsor of the initiative.

All the promotional material of the winning project, which will include mention of the Royal Family Care programme, will be reviewed by the Royal Son Bou Family Club.

In the event that the winning project desists from the Royal Family Care, the grant endowment will be transmitted to the next project on the reserve list in the required order.

2024 Call

Bellow we present the planned calendar with the key dates:

  • January 2024: open call and reception of projects.
  • 15th October: deadline for reception of projects.
  • 31th October: winner project resolution.

Dates may be modified due to organizational reasons.


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