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Menorca is the most eastern Island of all the Balearic Islands. A small island in the Mediterranean Sea with a maximum distance of 47 km. between Ciutadella and Mahon and 17 km. wide. Cala San Esteban(Es Castell) is the first place in Spain where the sun rises.

In 1993 Menorca  was declared a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO in recognition of the conservation of its natural landscape and heritage that marches with the economic development of the island.

Menorca has a lovely contrast to its coast. The north part is wild, with islets and mostly reddish and coarse sandy beaches, whilst the south coast offers a soft light and abundant vegetation with beaches and coves of fine white sand. The sea is clean and transparent with colours ranging from light blue to turquoise or green.

In the center of the island, in the municipality of Es Mercadal, stands Monte Toro, the highest point, is 358 meters high, with views of  the whole island.

Its many beaches, coves and its mild climate, during most of the year, makes Menorca  a tempting tourist destination. The island also has a cultural and historical heritage that attracts many visitors,that combine sun, sea and discovering archeology, museums, gastronomy and craft markets.

Moreover, Menorca is a candidate for the World Heritage Site for its Talayotic culture and prehistoric monuments, that for more than 4,000 years,  still retains some of them, like the Taulas, which are unique.

Basic information about Menorca to travel with children


How to get here

The airport and the harbours of Mahon and Ciutadella connect the island with the outside world.

Arriving at the Airport, there are many flights from various European destinations and  the main land. There are also Ferries coming in from Barcelona, ​​Palma de Mallorca and Valencia. If your choice is to visit the island with your own vehicle, this may be your best option.

The Royal Son Bou Family Club is located on the south coast of Menorca in the municipality of Alaior. A great location that you can reach easly and quickly because it´s only 20 km away from the Airport, and lies 22 km. from the harbour of Mahon and 35 km. from the harbour of Ciutadella.

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Family beaches

Menorca has more than a hundred beaches and coves. Some of them are perfect  for children because of their shallow depth, they are protected from winds and currents, and many have parking near the beach.

The beach of Son Bou, in Alaior, is one of the most famous beaches, because of its length and its variety of excellent facilities. Es Grau, in Maó, is a family beach, with calm waters, near the Lagoon des Grau, which is the core of the Biosphere Reserve. A few meters away you can also find facilities.

Menorca is a great family destination and besides Son Bou and Es Grau, here are some more beaches and coves you can enjoy with your children: Son Saura or La Vall, in Ciudadela, Santo Tomas, Es Migjorn Gran, Cala Galdana in Ferreries, BinibèquerAlcalfar or Binisafúa in Sant Lluís, Calan Porterin Alaior, Cala Mesquida in Mahon,...

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What to see

Because of its history, Menorca has a wealthy important heritage: Lighthouses (most popular are Cavalleria and Favàritx), defense towers (Fornells), buildings of the British era (Fort Marlborough), quarrying (of S'Hostal), military fortifications (Castle of Sant Nicolau, Castle Sant Antoni) and interesting prehistoric monuments(Torralba, Naveta des Tudons, or den Galmés Tower, close to Son Bou).

In the harbor of Mahon you can find the fortress of La Mola, the Castle of San FelipeLazaretoIsland or Isla del Rey, which you can visit during a certain schedule. In addition, the Museum of Menorca and Municipal Museum of Ciutadella you can visit at any time.

The Artisan Center in Es Mercadal, shows typical products of the island, such as abarcas (leather sandals), and jewelry.

If you like archeology, at Torre den Galmés you can see Talayotic Taulas (monuments), which are unique, and you can discover how the first inhabitants of Menorca use to live.

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What to do with children

Discover with Kiko and his friends everything you can do in Menorca with children: activities, excursions, beaches, lighthouses, stories, legends and a lot of options to enjoy to the maximum your family holidays on the island.

All explained in simple, educational and entertaining language to make it interesting and fun to your children. We hope you like it!

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Photos of Menorca

02- Costa - Norte - Menorca
04- Faro - Favaritx -menorca
05- Pregonda - Menorca
06- Litica - Menorca
07- Naveta -des -tudons -menorca
09- Faro - Punta - Nati - Menorca
10- Monte - Toro - Menorca
12- Calas - Fons - Menorca
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