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For a better world. These have been the social projects of Royal Son Bou in 2019

​2019 has been the year in which we have consolidated a project that was born from the desire to help. Maialen, a young client of Royal Son Bou, opened our eyes to a very rare disease. But also the need to do something for those little ones who are more vulnerable. Therefore, apart from celebrating the first call of the Family Royal Son Bou Grant, we have continued with some social projects that are part of our DNA. And what we do to create, into our ability, a slightly better world.

A social project underway.

It was in 2018. A family stayed at Royal Son Bou to spend their vacations. But it was not just any family. With the parents, who booked directly on the Royal Son Bou website, the little Maialen came from Bilbao.

Maialen suffers a very very rare disease. So rare that only 3 people in the world are diagnosed. And only 50 cases have been recorded in history. This disease, called Donohue, opened our eyes to the cause of the little girl. And that's why we decided to donate the price of the whole family's stay to the GO Maialen Foundation, with which they pay for the expensive treatments that the little girl receives in the United States.

This year Maialen and her family have returned to Royal Son Bou, and we have been very happy. But this little history has made us think that perhaps other girls and boys could benefit from help like the one we gave to Maialen.


This is how the Royal Son Bou Family Grant was born, aimed to help to associations and projects that try to improve the lives of young people in difficulty.

There were 11 projects that have opted for the grant this year, which ASAMDIB has finally won. It is an association that helps in accommodation for children displaced to hospital centers to receive treatments wich are not available in Menorca…

The UNICEF commitment

In addition to the Family Grant, this year we have made the annual contribution to UNICEF.

Since 2011 we collaborate with this entity, within the Hoteles Amigos project. Funding comes from money we raise of child protection programs, which this year have focused on water supply for the little ones.

The collection is carried out with small actions. For example, the charge of one euro for extra towel changes, which go directly to the UNICEF contribution.

In addition, we have also made visible the work of this entity on designated days, such as Children's Day, in which we filled the hotel with activities through the entertainment program.

The contact with the community


In addition to being very sensitive to the causes that concern children, we also want to be a reference for the community around us, Alaior. This Menorcan municipality welcomes and clothes us all year. That is why we organize activities in which we involve different groups of the population.

This is the case of the Retiree Club, which we invite every year to spend a fun day at the hotel, with lunch and a dance.

The Alaior drum group also accompanies us annually. They are in charge of entertaining the Royal Son Bou parade.

We are aware that we must live facing the neighbor, and that is why we repeat initiatives on an annual basis, in which we collaborate with the local community to contribute our grain of sand to a slightly better world.

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