The 35 reasons to spend the summer 2024 at the Royal Son Bou

On April 27 we open again the doors of the Royal Son Bou Family Club. And we will do it for the 35th time, three and half decades after that first season of 1989, that for some, is already a whole life. Also for us, who have seen you grow. Some of the kids who then came with their parents, now cross the hotel door with their own children. We close the circle, but just to start it again.

That's why, we wanted to pay tribute to those 35 times we have welcomed you, served, helped, indicated, and cherished you, picking up the same reasons - one per year - that we believe that this 2024 must be celebrated again. Here you have them, divided by categories, so that you choose the one that is for you. Why do you go visit us this year?

The reasons that offers Menorca

  • 1. Enjoy the best beach of Menorca, Son Bou. An arenal of more than two kilometers long at which you will understand why the Mediterranean attracts so much.
  • 2. Taste the best breakfast of Menorca. With fresh, local, quality products and ready at your table before you start the day.
  • 3. Feel the sun of Menorca, absorb well the vitamin D, take a bath of happiness.
  • 4. Let yourself be carried away by the taste of the typical dish of Menorca, the lobster caldereta, which you can taste at the themed corner of our restaurant.
  • 5. Contemplate the spectacular Menorquine sunset. Sit on our terrace, or go down to the beach of Son Bou, and say goodbye to the day in its purest and natural way.
  • 6. But before... close your eyes, have a walk, lie down and listen how the sunset converts the beach of Son Bou in a night paradise, inviting you to relaxation and calm.
  • 7. Be part of the environment, contributing with your stay to the maintenance of a sustainable hotel committed to the island, in which ecological and sustainability policies are on the daily agenda. So that in 35 years, you can still enjoy the same Menorca.
  • 8. Discover Menorca, all of it. The Mediterranean paradise par excellence, with its hidden coves, its turquoise waters, its talayotic culture, its history... we would not end this list if we had to say everything about our island.

The reasons that offer the services of Royal Son Bou Family Club

  • 9. Starting with our animation team, which has prepared a complete program of children's activities. Your small ones will fall in love with them!
  • 10. The Baby Club, where you can connect with your baby in a deep and intimate way, without distractions.
  • 11. Magikland, that space where magic happens when the small ones have already dined and the elders want to lengthen the evening.
  • 12. All the safe and fun spaces in which younger guests can play, enjoy and learn while you and your partner savors that anxious time alone.
  • 13. Friendships that boys and girls are going to make in their holidays at the Royal Club, with the promises to see eachother again.
  • 14. Our Trogloland, a real cave on the coast of Son Bou where the imagination shoots.
  • 15. Enjoy the island landscape with the pony excursion that we can organize for you and the whole family.
  • 16. Feel pirate for a day, an emotion which the small ones of the house dream with, and which can be reality on our pirate ship.
  • 17. Enjoy the cool water of our pool, of its hydromassage jets, of a plated nap on the sunbeds.
  • 18. Vibrate with the shows that we have prepared on Wednesday: The Royal Futastik Circus that carries out our animation team.
  • 19. Forget about everything that smells like "homework tasks", because Carmen, Paula, Asun, and all our room staff will take care of the daily cleaning of your apartment.

The reasons "for me"

  • 20. Because there is no greater reason for a vacation that rest and disconnect.
  • 21. And do it in our apartments, in which we are going to leave everything prepared for you to find it as comfortable as possible.
  • 22. For the most gourmets, we do not forget about our delicious theme corners at dinner.
  • 23. Finding again that time that day to day takes away to reconnect as a couple, while leaving the little ones calmly in Kikoland.
  • 24. Let yourself be spoiled by José, Jorge and all the restaurant team.
  • 25. That mojito which tastes like glory at the end of the evening and that Paco made with all the love of the world.
  • 26. Start the day with energy in the Basilica restaurant, where you can contemplate with magnificent sea views how Menorca is waking up.
  • 27. Although at first moment of the morning there are plans for everyone, those of you who are more athletic, and get going before breakfast, a walk, hike or a good run through the sand of Son Bou will do wonders first thing in the morning.
  • 28. Especially for those who are missing the green: Connecting with nature on the Camí de Cavalls will be one of the activities that you will enjoy more.
  • 29. And for water sports lovers, Edu and his team await you at the AquaGym.

The family reasons (the most importants)

  • 30. Retrieves the time that day to day takes away from you to be with the family, to enjoy them, to do activities together, to get to know eachother better.
  • 31. Feel with them, in the playing areas, in the restaurant, on the beach, at sunset... There is no greater joy than to see how the small ones of the house create pretty memories that will accompany them throughout their life.
  • 32. Laugh with your children, because it is therapeutic, it is necessary and brings you emotionally closer.
  • 33. Reconnect with your children, forming part of their adventures, accompanying them in  the discovery of new places, new friendships, new experiences.
  • 34. Become a child for a few days. Let yourself take away momentally, without worries, being on the flow with your small ones.
  • 35. Enjoy that time as a family, because if these 35 years have gone by quickly for us, we don't even want to imagine what it must mean for you, who come back every year.

See you this 2024!

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