5 reasons why you should come to Menorca in June

Coming to Menorca is always an excellent idea, no matter which month you choose. But it is true that there are months in which the island looks even more beautiful, making it a safe bet to fully enjoy your family vacation.


In June Menorca offers you all its possibilities in all its splendour. Here we are going to reveal 5 reasons so you finish deciding, but we assure you there are many more that you can enjoy when you visit us.

1. Perfect weather and fewer crowds

Ciudadela de Menorca in june

June marks the beginning of summer in Menorca, with warm and pleasant temperatures around 25-28 degrees Celsius. This mild climate is ideal to explore the island without the stifling heat of midsummer. In addition, being a month out of the high season, such as July and August, the crowds are considerably smaller, allowing you to enjoy quieter beaches, less crowded restaurants and a more authentic experience in contact with the local culture.

2. Nature in full splendour

Campo de Menorca en Junio

In June, the nature of Menorca reaches its maximum splendour. The fields are dressed in lush green and a wide variety of wildflowers colour the landscape. The nature reserves and trails become perfect places to explore as a family, with the opportunity to spot migratory birds and discover the island's native flora. In addition, it is the perfect moment to do outdoor activities such as hiking, cycling or even a kayak tour through the calm waters of the coast.

In June, temperatures allow you to enjoy more comfortably the “Camí de Cavalls”, a coastal path that surrounds the entire island, offering hikers the opportunity to explore the natural beauty and rich history of Menorca. Measuring approximately 185 kilometres in length, the trail meanders along steep cliffs, white sand beaches and picturesque fishing villages.

Camí de Cavalls de Menorca en Junio

This trail, which has its origins in medieval times, was formerly used by horse patrols that protected the coast from pirate invasions. Today, the “Camí de Cavalls” is a refuge for hiking and nature lovers, who can enjoy spectacular panoramic views and discover hidden corners while walking its stages.

Along the trail, hikers have the opportunity to explore ancient watchtowers, archaeological remains, such as talayots, and picturesque unspoilt coves where they can refresh in crystal-clear waters. In addition, the “Camí de Cavalls” offers the possibility of getting to know the rich biodiversity of the island, with a great variety of plant and animal species that inhabit its forests and wetlands.

With its combination of virgin nature and historical heritage, the “Camí de Cavalls de Menorca” is an unforgettable experience for hiking and adventure lovers, who can immerse themselves into the beauty and tranquillity of this jewel of the Mediterranean.

3. Paradise beaches and crystal-clear waters

Macarella de Menorca en Junio

Menorca is famous for its stunning white sand beaches and crystal-clear waters, and in June they take on an even more special atmosphere. The weather conditions are perfect to enjoy the sea, whether swimming, diving or simply relaxing in the sun. With more than 120 beaches spread throughout the island, every day can be a new adventure exploring hidden coves and paradisiacal corners with your children.

4. Local festivals and traditions

Fiestas de San Juan de Menorca en Junio

June is a month full of festivities and traditions in Menorca. From the celebrations of Saint John, with its bonfires and ancestral rituals, to the patron saint festivities in honour of Saint John, Saint Anthony and Saint Peter, the island is filled with joy and colour. Local markets come to life with stalls selling handmade products, offering families the opportunity to immerse themselves in Menorcan culture and enjoy the hospitality of its inhabitants.

You can get to know the typical gastronomy, such as the Menorcan cheese or the delicious “Ensaimadas”, a sweet dough that after resting for hours is stretched and rolled to give it its characteristic spiral shape.

Although the most common are the simplest, without any filling, you will find them with sweet and salty flavours and all of them delicious. Chocolate, custard cream, “Cabello de ángel” (pumpkin jam) ... with fruits like apricot or pineapple... or “Sobrasada” with honey, original and delicious.
The name “Ensaimada” comes from the Catalan word “saïm” which means lard, one of the essential ingredients of the dough. And they have been made in Menorca for 300 years, although at the beginning, they were only served at family parties and now they are typical for breakfast or afternoon tea.

5. Activities for the whole family

Excursión en Barco en Menorca en Junio

Menorca offers a wide range of activities for all ages, making it a perfect destination to enjoy family holidays. From water parks and boat tours to visits of historic forts and archaeological sites, there are options for all tastes and preferences.

And if you choose to stay in the hotel, you will have the extensive children's entertainment program that we put at your disposal to care for and entertain the little ones while you relax and enjoy a real vacation.

Remember that if you download our app you will have at hand all the activities that are taking place in real time at the hotel and information about all our services.

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