Kiko gets lost in Binibeca Vell

Have you ever heard of Binibeca Vell? Someone once told us that it is a beautiful fishermen village in the South of Minorca. Hooky and I are going to go on a tour there to walk and take a swim in the sea at the beach.

A fairytale village

We arrived early and the first thing we see are small white houses with dark green windows and doors. The chimneys are also white, and on the pier are several boats. It is beautiful!

nullThere are some girls laughing as they play with a black cat and besides them, is a family sitting in the shade at the front door of their house while making plans to spend a day at the beach. We started to walk and we discover something to our surprise…!

The sun does not reach the streets

The town Binibeca Vell is a labyrinth of narrow streets that, in some parts, the sun does not reach. We started to walk and we saw a kind of tunnel:

  • Let’s go over there! says Hooky.

  • Ok, but then afterwards, we will go up the stairs to go and see the sea.


After a while walking, Hooky asked:

  • Where are we?

  • We are lost! I think that we have been here already before.

  • Don´t worry Kiko, Hooky says. I am a sailor and I know how to guide us through heavy storms, although I cannot see the sun or the stars.

A sundial

Hooky is very thoughtful and points me to go to the right where we arrive at a small square. The sun is shining and we can see the sea. We take a path that goes towards the pier of Binibeca Vell. We have finally arrived!


Before leaving the village, Hooky shows me a sundial that is painted on the wall of a house. He explains me that when the sun reflexes on the wall, the needle points towards the hour. It is very cool and we thought that we could draw one in our House, at Club Kikoland. We are sure Cuqui will help us to make one!

Silence please!

We have not seen that many people in the town of Binibeca. A man sitting on a bench told us that not until late afternoon it becomes lively because the shops and restaurants do not open until later and it’s when you can see the beautiful sunsets.

He also told us that Binibeca is not a fishing village but it was actually a housing development that was built, exampling the houses, like the ones of the fishermen in Minorca. They are always beautifully whitewashed in order for the sun to shine on the white walls.


We were surprised to find many "Silent please" signs. Mr. Joan explains us that as the streets are very narrow and the houses are very near each other, you need to be quit as because you can hear everything and they ask to respect the people who live there.

To the beach!

In a very softly voice, we talk of leaving this beautiful place and head towards the beach of Binibeca. Mr. Joan has offered to take us in his car. It is not very far but it is very hot…!

He left us at the parking and we walk through the forest. The ground is very dry and there are warning signs, asking not to make fires. I can already see the beach!


We have had a swim and we feel refreshed. Hooky wanted to rent a boat that we saw on the beach but I am very hungry. I'm really want to eat my sandwich that I carry in my backpack.

Under the pines

When arriving at the beach, there is a picnic area with tables and benches in the shade of the pine trees. We bought a cool drink at the beach bar and we sat down to eat quietly. How good is it here!

  • The ground is very soft, Hooky says. Look, take off your shoes.

  • Oh! The ground of the picnic area is covered by dry Posidonia. It looks really nice!


Do you remember what Posidonia Oceanica is? Remember that a few months ago, when I went snorkeling, I told you that it is a very good plant for the sea because it brings oxygen. Well, this is it.

We rested for a while and now we are ready to return to the Royal Son Bou Family Club. We have an appointment to go for dinner with Troglo and Dita and we can´t be late.


We liked Binibeca Vell a lot. Hooky has enjoyed the pier and the beach and I, the white houses with his chimneys and the small streets. What do you like nest from Minorca?


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