Why travel to Menorca in May

It is not necessary to give you many reasons to visit Menorca. White sand and cristal clear water beaches, incredible landscapes and a spectacular gastronomy. And that’s why the Balearic island has become during the last years in one of the preferred destinations of the travelers to enjoy their vacations in summer. The Menorcan island has a special charm that makes you repeat more than once. In other words, you fall in love.


If you decide to come with your family to Menorca it is likely you think that the best option is to come in June, July or August; They are the hottest months and the most desired to enjoy the long awaited and expected holidays. But, what if we told you that there is another month in which you can enjoy one hundred percent of the charm and essence of the island? A month in which the sun and the good temperatures are already here and the island offers you complete tranquility in its beaches, coves and cities: it is the month of May.

In May the Menorcans know that the good is already beginning. And as we have said before, May is a month in which you can enjoy temperatures that reach 25ºC. You will have the advantages of driving on secondary roads to get to its virgin beaches without just crossing a car. When you get there, you will see that the beach is basically for you and your family. You will enjoy its nature and landscape, since Menorca has been recognized for years as a biosphere reserve. You will walk through Mahón or Ciudadela, being able to sit on the terrace that you like the most. And you will be enveloped by their passion and peace in every corner of the island.

At Royal Son Bou we recommend the best plans to do in Menorca during this month for you and your family:

Swimming on family beaches


Beaches in Menorca there are many, from north to south and from east to west you will see there are numerous options to enjoy the sun, sand and water. But here we offer the best to go to the beach as a family:

  • Son Bou: is the largest beach in Menorca with 2.4 kilometers. Also, it is next to the hotel, so it will not cost you anything to take the shovels, towels, rakes and buckets and spend the day there with your family. You also have several beach bars and restaurants right in front of the sea to enjoy a delicious paella, seafood, fish, and for the little ones you also have children's menus. You will not get bored, because in Son Bou there are several water activities for children to enjoy. Inflatable castles in the sea, boat rides or go with the "sausage" behind the boat are some of the plans you can make in Son Bou
  • Es Grau: this is without a doubt one of the quintessential family beaches of Menorca. It is known because it has the only natural park on the island, where you can make excursions and enjoy its flora and fauna. It is also a shallow sea beach, so there is no risk for children to enjoy the water. And if you are one of those who are going, you also have activities such as kayaking and paddle surfing to enjoy their surroundings. And if you dare, you can also visit the small island opposite and its virgin beaches: the illa d'en Colom.
  • Son Saura Beach: Also located in the south of the island, it is one of the most beautiful due to its sand and clear waters. It has an easy access to go by car, and is ideal for children to have fun. In May, there will be no parking problems because it is usually free. Something harder to see during the high season. It has toilets and a pine trees area to enjoy a good meal or take a nap when the children are tired.

Discover the magic of lighthouses


The lighthouses of Menorca have a special magic that is worth being visited. Present in the most strategic points of the island, they became a reference for ships, and today they are the main focus of the attention of the many visitors who come to Menorca. There are 7 lighthouses on the island, and our suggestion to go in the month of May is as follows:

  • Cavalleria Lighthouse: Some people believe that it is undoubtedly the best lighthouse on the island, not only for its structure, but especially for the place where it is located, on a cliff in the north of the island from which you can see a spot beautiful to the mediterranean sea. When to go? No doubt at sunset. It is one of the most beautiful sunsets you will find. Sit on one of its cliffs, or in the same area where the lighthouse is located and just enjoy the moment.
  • Faro de Favàritx: this lighthouse has an illustrious silhouette, which, together with the sea in the background, becomes one of the most special on the island. It is best to visit it during the day and then you can reach its nearest virgin beaches: Cala Tortuga and Cala Presili, two authentic jewels of nature.

Visit the two main cities


Mahón and Ciudadela are the two main cities of Menorca, and each one hides secrets and treasures that you should not miss:

  • Mahón: A beautiful and gallant city. This is the definition of his hymn. And this is the capital of Menorca, where you can breathe a special air. The church of Santa Maria, Es Mercat d'es Peix, Es Claustre and its main streets make you wrap yourself in a city full of passion and history. Do not forget to visit the port with your family, the second largest natural harbor in the world. With an enviable seafront and some boats site to behold.
  • Ciudadela: is the other main city of Menorca, located west of the island. In it everything is history, it was a point of reference in past times, from the arrival of the Arabs to the invasion of the British. Getting lost in its stone alleys makes you discover places and monuments worthy of your retina: the Cathedral, the Palaces, the City Hall building and its small fishing port at the foot of the immense walls that protected the city.

Travel the Camí de Cavalls


Also, in May you can discover the essence and the authentic soul of Menorca by visiting some of its sections of the famous "Camí de cavalls". A path that surrounds the island and through which you can reach incredible places that are a real gift for nature lovers. May is without doubt the best time to enjoy these roads, because with spring you will see the true potential of the flora and fauna of the island. Here we propose some sections to do with the little ones:

  • Son Bou - Sant Tomàs​: A real luxury to enjoy as a family, because it is a flat stretch, just over two hours long and mostly parallel to the coast. You will enjoy the landscape of Menorca fields, its “dry stone” walls and a bath in the virgin cove of Atalis.
  • Cala Galdana – Cala Mitjana​: From Cala Galdana the oldest Menorcans say that it was undoubtedly the best beach on the island before its urbanization. It is one of the most visited beaches during the summer and still has a special charm. We recommend you in this case to do the stretch Cala Galdana - Cala Mitjana, one of the best routes south of Camí de Cavalls. On the way you will find landscapes worthy of being photographed, with viewpoints that take you to enjoy unforgettable views and a path that ends at one of the most famous and admired beaches for tourists: Cala Mitjana.

Menorca, for residents on the island, is beautiful all year round, because in each season you enjoy something different that other places in the world do not have. And May is undoubtedly an ideal month to enjoy the island with your family.

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