Renewable energy in action. Performance of the Royal Son Bou photovoltaic system

As we already announced to you back then, our project to launch the Royal Son Bou photovoltaic system finally became a reality in 2023.

As part of our environmental policy, our primary goal is to take a step forward in reducing our impact on the environment. The World Tourism Organization estimates that the tourism sector is responsible for up to 8% of total global CO2 emissions. Therefore the project was born when we took on our responsibility and set ourselves the goal of reducing our emissions to a minimum.

It was a long way and sometimes, why deny it, difficult. Having already started the journey in 2019, you can imagine that we went through all kinds of moments and that we felt very happy and satisfied when we finally found out that everything was going well and the facility was operational.

On March 13, 2023, we were able to start generating electricity in test operation. During this period everything went as planned and on April 1, 2023 we already had the green light to generate stable and continuous energy.

Since then, the plant has generated 1,475,000 kWh of energy in the remaining nine and a half months to the end of the year.

The individual data may not tell you much, but to put it into perspective: in order for a hotel of our size and capacity to operate normally and offer its services, 1,607,000 kWh were required last year.

This means that in nine and a half months our system has already generated 91.8% of the total energy we needed in 2023.

With this data we can safely confirm that in 2024 our photovoltaic system will be able to produce 100% of the energy that the Royal Son Bou needs for its daily operations. Clean energy from the sun, free of emissions, in line with our commitment to protect and respect our environment.

We will continue to inform you in future publications about all the steps we are planning as part of our energy transition and that are related to our goals:

  • Increase energy efficiency in all areas of the hotel, including lighting, air-conditioning system and appliances.
  • Establish a waste management plan that includes reducing, reusing and recycling materials.
  • Educate and raise awareness among employees and guests about the importance of environmental sustainability and how they can contribute to it through everyday actions.
  • Renew our ISO 14001 sustainability certification in recognition of the hotel's environmental efforts.
  • Collaborate with local and governmental organizations and other stakeholders to promote energy transition and environmental sustainability in the Balearic region.
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