Kiko, you tourist guide

How has Kiko celebrated his birthday?

Today I am very nervous. It's my birthday and it seems like no one has remembered it. At the Royal Son Bou Family Club everyone has greeted and smiled at me but no one has said anything. Has everybody forgotten it´s my birthday today?

This morning I decided to make the best of my day and have been to the beach of Son Bou for a swim. I had a great time playing with some kids chasing them along the shore and building sand castles. We put our snorkeling goggles on to look down at the fish and pretend to swim like them. What a laugh!

Why is Kiko sad?

When entering Club Kikoland I met Edu, the second boss of the animation team:

  • "Kiko, you look handsome today, are you coming to eat with us?"
  • "Is there something special going on, are we celebrating something? I say to see if he has remembered my birthday.
  • "No, there is nothing to celebrate but as you know, the hotel cooks always prepare us a delicious meal, so will you join us?", Edu asks with a smile.

nullNo, I don´t want to go. I see him every day and he has not even remembered to congratulate me! I am a little disappointed but this afternoon I will meet all the kids who will come to visit and we will do many fun activities. I like playing with them! They are very nice and always happy to see me. Once they are here I will stop being sad.

Watch out, Kiko gets mugged!

Two hotel entertainers come to fetch me whilst strolling along the pool:

  • "They are waiting for you at Club Kikoland", they say whilst one of them winks at me. "We'll come along with you!"

When they open the door of Club Kikoland, a lot of kids suddenly start yelling "Congratulations, Kiko", and start to hug and kiss me.

nullHelp, I cannot walk! I say laughing whilst they are singing a song. They have all remembered my birthday and have prepared me a surprise party! I am so excited and I blush when I see Edu and all the entertainers clapping along with the children. What good friends I have and how they deceived me!

Multicolored crowns for the kings of our hotel

Once I realize all that´s going on, I see that the kids have all put on crowns of different colors, some golden as if they were kings, and they all have painted me on their cheeks. They laugh when they see my astonishment and show me their drawings. It's me and I've been colored! Although I am yellow some kids have painted me blue and green. Do you like me more like this?

A girl takes me by the hand and takes me to a mural that the entertainers have prepared. It is full of stars in which they have written dedications.

nullRed hearts and a yellow cake

She shows me the stars and hearts painted in bright red, and the kisses colored in with the word "happiness" written in several languages...I almost cry as I believed that nobody had even remembered my birthday!

nullBut today is a very happy day and I bend over to listen to a little sweet boy who tells me that they have been playing "stick the tail to the donkey".

  • "Whilst we were waiting for you, they had put on some music and the animators danced with us. I tried to put the tail onto the donkey and I almost did, but it had fallen off, "he tells me.
  • It´s time to bring you your cake"

Yes, I can see! It's a big yellow cake, just like me! Surely its lemon as the hotel chef knows it is my favorite.

nullTime to blow!

The entertainers bring out two cakes. On one of them says "Feliz Cumpleaños" and the other "Happy Birthday". The kids help me blow out the candles. We inflate our cheeks and blow all together. We sing and applaud happily and begin to cut the cake into pieces. Great!

Soon the party will end and we are getting tired of singing and dancing. I will never forget this day and the party they prepared for me. I do not know what I liked the most: the drawings the children made? the hearts on the mural, or the cake?, ...

How old am I?

I think it was the best birthday party I've ever had. And you, how do you celebrate your birthday? What is your favorite cake? Have you ever had a surprise party?

nullToday I say goodbye and leave you with just one question: do you know how old I am? Let's see if you can guess it!

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