Kayak excursion with Kiko in Menorca

Cuqui and I are preparing ourselves to go on a kayak excursion. We meet up with some friends and we hire a monitor. We will make a nice excursion from Son Bou to St. Thomas and back.

When on the beach of Es Grau, I once saw many people kayaking and when I returned, I told Cuqui that one day we would go out too. So today is the day.

We have taken with us in our backpack a cap, sun cream and snorkeling gear, just in case we stop somewhere and swim to see fish. Cuqui has apples, oranges and water to take along.

Our kayaks are orange and prepared on the shore, near to our house, Club Kikoland. Did you know we can go to the beach without crossing the road? From the Hotel Royal Son Bou Family Club there is a quick and safe way to get to the beach.

Kiko en Son Bou para hacer Kayak

With little wind you paddle faster

We put our life jackets on and start rowing. The day is pretty clear but, most importantly, it is not windy. So that means we get less tired. Cuqui is a little worried because he is not sure if he will endure the whole tour, but the smile on his face tells me he's happy to participate in this adventure.

We move slowly whilst enjoying the scenery. We headed for Escull de sa Galera. It is a small island about 300 meters from the beach of Son Bou. It's really fun to get to a place we have always seen from far away.

On the way to Atalis, at the end of the beach, Peter, one of our friends, sees a plastic floating in the sea. He collects it and keeps it in the kayak, to throw away once we return back home.

Do not throw garbage into the sea

Fish can become entangled and die. The other day we saw a picture of a turtle that was rescued with a plastic bag tied around his legs which prohibited him from swimming. In the end, he got saved but it was very sad to see.

Just after Atalis there is a sea inlet towards land. In the small cliff, the rocks there are made of various colors: from white to red and a beautiful contrast of the blue sea.

Pedro takes pictures as Cuqui and I went towards a big rock with holes in it, through which water and the sun passes. We smile to make a fun picture.

Son Bou desde Atalis

We continue along the coast. My arms begin to get tired but when we get to St. Thomas we can rest for a while before returning. Oh, A jellyfish! I try to steer it away because I do not like jellyfish! Some bite and you have to be careful with them.

The banquet cormorant

We see a school of fish and a cormorant forages. It is perched on the coast and flies slowly towards the water. He has caught a fish! It's awesome, I had never seen them fishing. It happened all very fast.

Cormorán en Menorca

We have already come a long way. A small boat has come along our side. The engine makes a lot of noise! So far, we have only heard the sound of the sea crashing against us. The sea is very quiet, pleasant and relaxing.

We see sailboats sailing away from the coast. How great! Someday I will go on a sailboat!

Octopuses change color

There are a group of kids playing between the rocks. They laugh and greet at us. Peter says they are catching octopuses. Did you know that octopuses can change color? They hide in the sand of the sea funds, and if they do not move, you cannot distinguish them because they are the same color. It's amazing what they can do!

We're in St. Thomas. You should see the color of the sea at this beach! It is so blue and so clear you can see fish swimming. We have swam and eaten some fruit to recharge our batteries.

Now we head back. We have put sun cream, life jackets and our caps on and we're on our way to Son Bou. In total we have to travel about 6 km. We will get home tired but happy because we have enjoyed this day.

Have you been kayaking before? Would you like to try? Menorca is ideal to do this sport. You can schedule a tour because there are many things to see. Next time we will enter a cave. Will you join us?


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