Kiko climbs the highest mountain in Menorca: Monte Toro

I'm going on a trip to Monte Toro. It is the highest mountain in Menorca. It measures up to 358 meters high and from the top, you can see the whole island. I think I will also be able to see Mallorca as today is a clear day.

I invited Cuqui to accompany me, but he prefers to stay on the beach of Son Bou. He says that "the sea is great today!" He wants to stay to play with the ducks that swim in the stream on the beach.

To get to Monte Toro, I take the bus that follows a road going up to the top. It's a wonderful sight from here! I can see Fornells, Ciutadella, the fields that are full of flowers, cows, and the clear blue sea in the background.

Menorca looks like a painting of fine lines

It is the first time I see the whole island like this. It is surrounded by the ocean. How tiny Menorca really is! The dry walls draw patterns on the fields. A group of people who are next to me, can´t stop taking pictures and pointing their fingers at all the small villages on the island. This is great!


At the top, there is a Jesus Christ figure standing on a high pedestal. Right next to it is the Sanctuary of the Virgen del Toro

A raging bull led them up the mountain

There is a legend that says that on the way to Monte Toro, there was a convent. One of the monks saw a bright light shining several nights which seemed to come from the top of the mountain. And it was coming their way.

Determined to find out what it was, they persuaded other monks to go along one night and follow it.

Suddenly, they found a raging bull that would not let them pass. Frightened, they took crucifixes that they wore around their neck and then when the bull saw them, he tamed and showed them the way.

A cave full of light

When they reached the top, the bull led them to a cave. That´s from where the bright light came. The same light the monks had seen before. There they found a wood carved Virgin Mary with the baby Jesus in her arms.

She was taken to his monastery but ... the next day she was gone. They climbed back to the top of Monte Toro and there it was. This happened several days prior of the convent and that´s when they decided they had to build a shrine on the mountain, where the Virgin Mary could stay.

In the seventeenth century, they build the sanctuary on top of the ruins of a Gothic church, which belongs to the Franciscan order. We went to visit it.


Minorcans who went to America and Africa

There was a guide who accompanied a group of families and I joined them to hear all about the story of a beautiful sculpture that is there. It is a white stone woman looking to the sky.

The tour guide told us that, it is a reminder for all those Minorcan people who immigrated to other countries, in search of a better life. Some went to Algeria, an African country, and others to Florida in America.

In the center of the island

I entered the restaurant and bar for refreshments. It´s very hot but it is chilly in here. I stare at the view which is incredible! I'm thinking that they could put a slide to take you down towards the bay of Fornells, so you can slip and fall into the sea. It would be fun to take a dip as well. Ha ha, I think I have had too much sun.


Menorca is fairly flat and Monte Toro stands out because of its height, 358 meters and because it is located almost in the center of the island. From here I see the lighthouse Cavalleria where I hiked last year and saw a defense tower and an ancient Roman settlement.

I bought some souvenirs back for my friends in the Hotel Royal Son Bou Family Club and I'm waiting for the bus back. Once I tell Cuqui about everything I've seen, he would want to go one day. Join us?


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