Kiko discovers the novelties for the new season

Every winter, when the hotel is closed, many people go to work to try to improve the experience of all who visit us at the Royal Son Bou Family Club. Do you want to discover all the news we have prepared for this 2019? Hooky, Cuqui and I have taken a tour of the hotel to explain you!

A new brand image


A few months ago we showed you our new brand image. We changed the font for a more fun one and decided to choose a color to represent each space. The color that represents the hotel is navy blue, Kikoland is yellow, Trogloland is brown, the restaurant Los Olivos is green ...

Cuqui, Hooky and I left the Kikoland Club and see the new yellow sign that indicates where the children's favorite area is.

  • "Look, Kiko, there's a new drawing on the wall!" Says Cuqui, very excited.

I look where Cuqui's hand points and I see that it's me. They have drawn me noting how to get to Kikoland! I ask Hooky to take a picture with the new drawing so that Troglo and Dita can see it too.

When we pass in front of the restaurant La Basilica, we see that they have also changed the sign, this is light blue. We continue walking and, before arriving at the Royal Club, we discovered that a new fountain has been built to decorate that area.

Later, we find a new drawing on the wall that indicates where the Royal Club is, Cuki is the protagonist. Before entering, we see that the Royal Club also has a new sign.

  • "They are the new signs which have been placed in each one of the hotel spaces" explains Hooky.
  • "I really like this change," I say. "Did we go into the Royal Club?"
  • "Yes, we go in!", They say together in one voice.

Renovating at the Royal Club


The Royal Club is the place reserved for the elderly, here they have fun playing videogames and table games, doing robotics and programming workshops and meeting new friends. This year, young people from 7 to 17 years old will find a completely renovated space, with a much more cheerful and youthful style with fresh colours, messages on the wall and musical motifs decoration. It has been very cool! Surely our friends from the Junior Club and the Teeny Club will love it. Hooky, Cuqui and I stayed for a while playing at the Royal Club, but we want to continue discovering all the news.

The new Bar Marés


  • "Do you know the bar has also been renovated?" Cuqui tells us, as we leave the Royal Club. "And it's no longer called Blau Bar, now it's called Bar Marés"
  • "Bar Marés?" I ask him. "Like the stone used before in Menorca to build houses?"
  • "Yes, because the new bar is built with marés" Cuqui answers.

I really want to see it, because I remember the trip I made to quarries of s'Hostal. So I start to run to Bar Marés and Cuqui and Hooky follow me.

  • "How good is the new bar!" Exclaims Cuqui. "And how much light comes in with the new windows."
  • "Yes, it has become very nice!" I say.
  • “I'm going to ask for ice cream for everyone, because today is a very good day, "says Hooky. “


Paco is behind the new marés bar and the three of us asked for a scoop of ice cream in a tub. He gives them to us with a cardboard teaspoon and explains that this year the plastic spoons have been replaced by them. The drink and soft drink plastic straws served in the bar and restaurants have also been completely eliminated. They are small measures that we implement in order to reduce and minimize the environmental impact.

As we speak, we realize that the waiters wear a white polo shirt and shorts. We ask them if they have forgotten the uniform at home and they explain us this is the new day uniform of the waiters.

  • "What a pleasure! So in summer they will not be hot, they have installed a new air conditioner in the hall and the atmosphere is very nice," I say, as we watch the changes in this area.

The arches of marés make it have a very Menorcan style. The green latticework has been removed, the floor has been renovated and with the furniture and new lamps everything looks very comfortable.

News in restaurants

Noche temática menorquina en el Royal Son Bou

Now we decided to go to Restaurant Los Olivos. We see that the back bar has been modified and, following the buffet line, marble has been used. Chef Tomás goes out to meet us and we ask him about the thematic tables that will be at the dinners this season.

  • "We will have the thematic tables that we already had last year: Menorcan, Cheese, Tapas, Seafood, Barbecue, Kebab, Mexican and Children."
  • "I love the Children one! There are always many good things, "says Cuqui.
  • “My favorite is the Menorcan one, with typical products of the island, "I say.
  • "I love Seafood, Kebabs, Tapas ... I like them all!", Says Hooky.
  • "Well this season you can try new dishes, because we have prepared three new thematic tables. One will be Poke Bowl, do you know what it is?
  • "It's a Hawaiian dish, I tried it and it's very tasty," says Hooky. "It's a raw fish salad accompanied by rice and vegetables."
  • "I am sure you all will love it" says Tomás. "In addition, we will have a themed dessert table that will be prepared at the moment for each client and also another one for sushi."

Tomás explains us what the thematic tables of La Basílica will be: Children, Cheese, Tapas , Italian, Menorcan and the new Poke Bowl and Sushi.

We've all been hungry! Tomás invites us to try some ravioli with a Minorcan touch: they are filled with brossat, aubergine, sobrasada ...

Apartment improvements

After lunch, we left Los Olivos, went down the stairs and approached the stage, where the animators are rehearsing. This means that the terrace will soon be full of children and adults singing and dancing "Veo, Veo" , "La cancion de los sonidos" and the other songs that we will all enjoy together in the summer nights that will come.

After watching the animator choreographies, Cuqui, Hooky and I went up to see some apartments. Every year changes and renovations are made in the apartments with the aim of improving the stay for you and your family and making it more comfortable. We see that the walls have been repainted, the windows that face the balcony have been renewed, the lights have been replaced by other LEDs and new mirrors have been put in the bathroom.


We went out to the balcony and from there we see how they are cleaning the main pool and prepare it so that it is perfect for the arrival of all the friends who will visit us in the next months.

  • "Have you noticed the bridge by the pool?" I ask. "Some adjustments have been made to the sides of the bridge to make it safer."

From the balcony we see how the sun is hiding, leaving a beautiful sunset. There are only a few days to go before the opening and there is a lot of action. We have everything ready to offer you an unforgettable family vacation. And I look forward to welcome you and your family. When will you come?

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