Kiko visits the craft markets of Menorca

Today is Wednesday and I invited my friend Cuqui to visit the craft markets in Alaior. It's 7 pm and the bus will depart soon. The bus stop is near our house, Club Kikoland, and the bus takes us to the sports area of the town, so all we have to do is walk up the street and you´ll find all the crafts exhibitions.

There is a lot to do and I propose to Cuqui to take it slowly, but he got so excited about the colors of the stalls and the music in the square that he started to dance because getting encouraged by the good atmosphere. 

Jewellery and Menorcan cheese

The market is distributed leading through several streets of the historic center of Alaior and shows a good example of the work produced by artisans. Menorca has a significant costume handmade jewelry industry and we have seen some very nice pieces to give as gifts. Cuqui liked a wooden puzzle with many colors. There are clothes, hats, candles vanilla scented filling the street, but then suddenly, a strong, salty smell has drawn attention to us, there is a menorcan cheese tasting show. This cheese has a designation of origin, that is, a cheese made on the island out of cow's milk. We tried a piece, it tasted great. I think we will buy some and prepare a snack tomorrow morning. We will invite our friends Hooky, Troglo and Dita. 

Coloured varcas

Cuqui called me, he found a place where they sell avarcas. They are typical Menorcan shoes made of very soft leather. On the island there are many handcraft factories that make avarcas because before they were designed for people working in the field. As they are very comfortable, they have become more popular and sold as sandals for the summer. The seller told us that even the Spanish royal family wears them! Before, they were plain colors but now you can find them in many colors and nice pictures. It was difficult to decide on some, but in the end, Cuqui and I have bought some with white goldfish.

We hear children's laughter and Cuqui makes me run to see what happens. In the Plaza des Ramal there is a very funny, what looks like a clown magician because it has a round red nose and wears a hat of the same color. He has a large suitcase from which he keeps on taking curios things to make magic with.

Cuqui doesn´t want to go but it's hot and we're a bit tired so we sat in the square to listen to a band that sings familiar songs. Next to us, is a bouncy castle and Cuqui has been playing around with some friends but now it´s time to try the pastries of Menorca. In one of the streets, they sell sweet and savory pastries that are typical from the island, such as "rubiols" made with vegetable or tuna, "cocas" sobrasada or apricot. Everything is terrific so we bought a drink and had dinner right there and then.

It is night time and the streets are still filled with people strolling around. The stores in Alaior are still open and the children are running around the market area which is closed to car traffic. The lights, the music, the colors, smells, Cuqui starts to feel sleepy so we head towards the bus stop to take us back home again to the Hotel Royal Son Bou Family Club.

Lots of fun activities

It was a fun evening and we decided that next week will go to the traditional market of Es Castell, which is held in Cales Fons, a small fishing port close to Mahon. 

In Menorca there is a long tradition of craft markets. Each town on the island has an appointed day to do it and take the opportunity to schedule other activities such as: music, storytelling, dance, …There is always plenty of entertainment in the summer evenings, because when the heat determinates, everyone feels more like going for a walk, dining out or just to look at the artisans stalls that show delicate manual work and, in many cases, traditional handwork from the island, such as jewelry and footwear.


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