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Kiko visits the monkey forest in Menorca

Today I am very excited because Cuqui and I are going to visit the Lloc de Menorca. It is a zoo where we will see many animals. They told me that there are monkeys, kangaroos, ostriches… and we will be able to play with the goats.

We have already arrived and at the reception they have given us a map in order to follow the tour so we can see everything without having to make too many rounds.

null​We start of where the ducks, swans and geese are. Some are swimming around in the ponds. It is beautiful, full of trees and there is water falling over the rocks. It is very hot but there is a fresh breeze that makes its pleasant to be here.

A duck in a glass

Cuqui shouts:

  • Look at the duck taking a bath!

We laugh because the duck has gotten into a kind of stone cup that is filled with water and it stops and stares at us whilst we pass by.

  • But it hardly fits!

nullNearby, a white swan walks with its head high and takes a plunge. He opens its wings and shakes them to refresh itself.

Playing with the goats

We enter the enclosure where the goats are. They have informed us that it is not possible to feed the animals because it can be harmful. In the enclosure section where the small goats are, they do allow it and we notice that they approach us without fear. 


Next to us is a small girl who´s enjoying and says that she wants to continue playing with the goats all day long. Cuqui looks at me but, before he could open his mouth, I´ve already told him to go to the other side where there is a reservoir with koi fish. Let´s go!

More than 300.000 egss at once.

The koi fish are beautiful. We go up onto the wooden bridge and see them jump in the water. There are many varieties of koi fish with different colors. It originally comes from Japan and there they believe that this fish is the symbol of the love, fortune and success.


There are many of them swimming. When we were told that the mummy fish can have up to 300 thousand eggs at once, we were surprised! The reservoir is going to be too small!

How many monkey families

We have seen large pigs, horses, donkeys and cows lying in the shade. There are a few ponies which look like small horses and we are allowed to caress them. Ah! And a few turkeys with colored tails and birds raptors that will do a demonstration on how they can fly.


We have arrived in an area where the monkeys are and there are many kinds of them. Two titis playing on a wooden table, two others hanging from the ceiling and swinging around. After that, we arrive at the forest of lemurs. These are monkeys that come from Madagascar, a very large island next to Africa.


Cuqui is afraid of going into the forest. He has seen that the lemurs are free and running around loose and thinks that they will not like us visiting their home. I walk inside and follow the way. Some of them are looking at me whilst others eat or carry their baby on their back.

nullI hear Cuqui entering as well and he is looking at two lemurs playing. They are friendly and funny and there is nothing to be afraid of.

The dome of macaques

There are a lot of macaques, which are monkeys who were rescued by the Dutch Foundation Stichting AAP. Some laboratories used them for their experiments. What a pity! But the members of this Foundation took them from there and they now live in the Lloc de Menorca, which is part of a company that is associated to our Royal Family Rewards and very well attended.


A man tells us that they are very healthy and happy because in its dome, they have food and water and they can jump and swim. All of them are females. We look curiously at the whilst they look at us too.

Baby snakes

We have eaten a picnic in the shade of the trees. Next to us we have Florida’s turtles living besides a beautiful waterfall


There are snakes very close to us. I do not like them very much but as they are now inside their homes, we are going to see them. There is a large yellow python and a boa that had babies which have entangled themselves in the branches of the tree.

Puppies that are like rodents

They’re called prairie dogs but they are actually family of the rodents. They make underground holes in the earth and live there. When they go out, it is because they want to eat and play as they are very active and need to run around.


We have visited the deer’s, ostriches and guanacos. When entering where the kangaroos are, one of them looked at us from the shade. It was laying down taking shelter from the sun.


It has been incredible. Cuqui says he wants to make another round, but it's already getting late and we have to go back to Club Kikoland because we have to meet our friends. We have taken pictures and we are sure that they are looking forward to seeing them.

Do you like animals? Would you like to spend a great day among monkeys, swans and horses? Would you like to pet the goats and see snakes and turtles? It will be an very exciting day!


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