Tumeu Janer: "Personally I think we have managed to specialize even more in the family market"

Today, February 1st is the 10th anniversary of achieving the dream I had since I was 14. . . to be a Hotel Manager. Yes, 10 years ago I took over the management of the Royal Son Bou Family Club, taking over the direction left by Mr. Miquel Florit, due to retirement.


If I had to choose a word to define these 10 years it would be intensity, since there have been 10 years with good, bad, better and worse moments, but all lived from the intensity.

Surely when taking stock of these 10 years you are asked about the best and the worst. The worst ones have been the loss of colleagues, like Juan or Manel (R.I.P.), and the best ones have been to see the hotel grow, to see that your ideas have been successfully concluded, in short, that we are able as a team to offer the best family holidays. All this consolidated with the Tripadvisor Travellers Choice of 2013 and 2017 by being awarded as the best hotel for families in Spain. My coach always says that good things should be celebrated, and now with perspective and the passage of time, I must say that he is absolutely right. At the moment you receive such an award you feel happy, but the day to day devours you and does not make you give it the importance it has or that you get to celebrate it as deserved.

The Royal Son Bou Family Club was already, 10 years ago, one of the best hotels for families that existed. What have we achieved in these 10 years? Personally I think we have managed to specialize even more in the family market, we have been modernizing and adapting the hotel to the needs that you, the families, were telling us.

In these 10 years we have been increasing and improving all our services and this has made us grow as a family: in 2011 we reached 158 employees and in 2019 (2020 cannot be taken into account for obvious reasons. . .) we reached 193. The staff has grown by 22% in all these years. This growth has always been thanks to thanks to putt our customers at the heart of all we do and that all services are based on satisfying your needs. We have created new departments: Customer Service (at the beginning Public Relations), the Booking department, the Lifeguards department and we have consolidated all the others (Bar, Restaurant, Kitchen, Housekeeping, Maintenance, Reception, Animation. . .), always, to offer the best of us and to turn the Royal Son Bou into a Children's Paradise.

These 10 years marks another milestone: the renovation of the hotel. There are 252 apartments that we have been renovating bit by bit, since in addition to the apartments, in a hotel there are a thousand other things to renew (Kikoland, sports court, swimming pools, restaurants, kitchen, etc...) You should see the list of improvements that all department heads pass to me at the end of the season! This says a great deal about their high level of engagement with the hotel. Unfortunately you can't do everything all the time, but I think we've slowly been crossing improvements off those lists.

Before concluding, however, I should like to say a very special thank you to my wife and my son who are the ones to suffer me day by day and the intensity of these 10 years. I will never be able to reward you for your support. Nor should I forget the confidence and support placed in me from Mr. Isoardi and his collaborators Andrea Tomei, Giancarlo Botta and Sergio Dutto, as well as Toni Pons, Basilio Guerra, Amador Rodríguez and Miquel Florit. And also, of course, thanks to you, Arantxa and the rest of the team.

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