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Animators from Club Kikoland share their experience

Daniel Kamann, bringing joy and happiness to children

Menorca, 07/31/2011. From Germany a family arrives at the Royal Son Bou Family Club hotel. We did not suspect then that this place would become our summer holiday destination for the next 6 years and much less than the boy who was then 11 years old would start his first job here after 7 years.


We really enjoyed our vacation that year and since then we have returned uninterruptedly. Two years ago, without having finished the check-in on the day of arrival, Yolanda, the person in charge of animation whom I had already known from other years, came to greet us. She welcomed us and asked me when I was going to start working at the hotel. At that time, I still had a couple of years of school left and I could not think about it, but that possibility, which at that moment Yolanda half-jokingly half seriously, gave me plenty to think about. How would it be to see everything from the other side? I have to admit that I was attracted to the idea.


A year went by and one more summer I returned with my family to Son Bou, at which point the subject was put back on the table. I sat with Yolanda who told me in detail what the work of animator would consist of. We were both interested in my working at the hotel the following summer. We agree to keep in touch during the winter. In January we finished everything and at the end of June, once I finished high school, I flew to Menorca, to start in what would be my first job.

I think it was and is a good decision after I graduated, because at that time I had no concrete plans on which road to take. I did not want to start studying a career right away, I wanted to travel, go out and live a little. Also, as I already knew the hotel and the area, it was not a blind jump to the pool either.

As is to be expected, the work routine has nothing to do with what I was used to when I came here on vacation. Here I am working and although I feel like it, I cannot throw myself in the pool like I used to. On the other hand, I have discovered many new corners in the hotel. The whole area where the staff moves was new to me.

After a time working in the hotel I can already draw a conclusion and it is that working here amuses me. I have a lot of fun, in fact. The work environment is very good and all my colleagues helped me a lot when I started working and did not know very well how to do things. The truth is that I already knew part of the animation team and other departments.

At first it was a bit strange to be one of the team, but eventually I got used to it. One of the things that I like the most is working with people of different ages and countries. It's something that teaches me interesting things about other nationalities and about myself. The best example is when the British children come to the Kikoland drink bar and they ask me with the typical courtesy of their country, please and always give thanks afterwards.

One of the things that attracts me the most is when we are on stage. I remember when I was the one who danced on the dance floor with the mascots Kiko, Hooky and Cuqui. Being here up here is very special to me. Now I can see, once again, other times less 😉, the children from the stage while dancing, just as I did a few years ago. My motivation is to be able to offer children a show that they like as much as I liked when I was a child. That way you forget even the heat that you feel and you do not even realize that you're sweating a lot.

Exhausted, on the way to the room I see the children happy and content. Those are the best times and the reason why I came here.


Niklas Geppert, sharing smiles at Kikoland

My family and I, year after year, have always found in Son Bou everything we could wish for on our summer vacations. A hotel that already in its name promises an exclusive stay in a very familiar atmosphere, which has a friendly and open-minded staff, who takes very seriously the responsibility with regards to the valuations of their guests. Personally, I am fascinated by the work and commitment that exists in the Royal Son Bou Family Club.

As always every spring, with happiness and as the tradition marked, we began to plan the holidays and we thought about the Kikoland, the activities, the night program and the animators of the previous year. The fact that we have chosen Son Bou year after year without hesitation, over thousands of other beautiful holiday destinations for more than 12 years, speaks for itself.

During the last holidays, I told one day to Yolanda my proposal to become an animator after many years as a client. What came next were probably the six most influential months of my life.

Today I know both worlds, the client and the animator.

The show as a spectator and the show behind the scenes.

The good times you have here and the sweat on your forehead accompanied by a smile.

The days that you spend working in a team.

And, above all, the fact that now I know that I feel great living both realities.



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