Why travel to Minorca in September?

Because autumn in Menorca is like a new spring. Because the days are getting shorter but the climate of mild temperatures still invites to do a lot of activities: swimming, walking, bike tours, ... Because it is the ideal time to walk through the villages of the island with tranquility and without crowds, ... Still don’t know Menorca in September?


1. The beaches await you in Sptember

In the same place as during the summer but with less people. So you will have more space to swim, snorkel or practise any water activity that your children like.

Will be easier getting to some virgin beaches because there is less traffic on the roads. You can enjoy nature, the pleasant temperature of the sea, with an average of 23º, and the quality and colors of the water. Your children can make sandcastles without disturbing anyone! And dive among the rocks, play with the ball on the shore...

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Castillos en la Playa de Son Bou en Septiembre

2. Ideal for family activities

If during the summer you have been too lazy to take a trip by the Camí de Cavalls because the heat tightens, in September you can do it. The weather is great: typically Mediterranean, with mild temperatures that range between 19º (minimum) and 26º (maximum). Ideal for walking around rural roads, through the Albufera des Grau, visit the S'Arangí forest, or some of the most important fortifications of the island, such as La Mola, ...

Have you tasted the Menorca gastronomy? Not only the most delicious dishes, but also the typical products of the island. Visit a cattle farm and taste the cheeses, sobrasada and other artisan sausages that are made there. Your children will love seeing the animals and you will be able to taste all those flavors of Menorca.

There are also less people in the villages of the island and walking around them is a relaxing activity. Visit the markets, sit on a terrace in any of its ports: Mahón, Ciutadella, Fornells, ...

Mercado Artesanal nocturno en Alayor (Menorca)

3. Fun for children

They will love to visit some of the Talayotic villages of Menorca and know how the ancient inhabitants of the island lived 4,000 years ago. Torre den Galmés can be a perfect scene for their adventures.

Do you organize a bicycle tour? The weather is perfect and there are many urban or rural places that will surprise you. By the seafront of Ciutadella: from Cala Galdana to Cala Mitjana in a natural environment and with beautiful beaches; by the Ravine of Algendar learning the legends that this mysterious green space keeps...

Also to arrive by the Camí de Cavalls to Cala San Esteban and go through the passages of Fort Marlborough from where the British soldiers watched the port of Mahón, see the canyons, ...

Excursión en septiembre por el camí de Cavalls en Menorca

4. Menorca it’s cheaper in September

Menorca is cheaper in September. The high season (July and August) is over and there are less visitors although the island does not lose its charm. Some people will tell you that they prefer to come this month because there is more tranquility, there are no crowds, and strolling along Son Bou beach, the longest on the island. It becomes a magical walk.

Hotel Royal Son Bou todo Incluido en Menorca

The feet skimming the water that reaches the shore, watch the sunset and return to the Hotel Royal Son Bou Family Club where we will be waiting for you with all the usual services and activities. That will make your family feel comfortable.

We can think about some more reasons why Menorca is fantastic in September but why do not you come and tell us? You will be surprised! We are waiting for you!

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