Kiko reaches Macarella throughout the Camí de cavalls in Minorca

Have you heard of Macarella before? It is one of the most beautiful unspoiled beaches in Minorca. Today I'm going to make a tour along the Camí de Cavalls from Cala Galdana to Macarella.

A path more than 8 centuries old

Do you remember the Camí de Cavalls? It is a long path that runs along the island coast. It is 185 km long and very old. More than 800 years ago it was used in order for the soldiers to protect Minorca from invaders that came from the sea.

I have arrived to Cala Galdana. Next to the bridge on the right side of the beach, the Camí de Cavalls begins. This part runs along the coast and the sea today is beautiful, it has so many beautiful colors!

I see groups of people with their backpacks. The path is well signposted and I try to stay in the shadow so it is not too hot. There are many trees and birds singing happily.


At the top of the cliff

A family walks along besides me. They keep looking at a wooden sign which has a sun painted on it. They don’t know what it means, although the father believes that if they follow it, they will for sure come at a viewpoint. The children start shouting with excitement and I decided to go along with them.

After walking about 200 meters we arrive at the top of the cliff. The views are wonderful. We see the sea, a sailboat which is directed towards the beach and a group of people rowing a kayak and having a lot of fun.


Along the way we found 4 viewpoints of this type. All are well signposted and worth approaching, as you walk among a small oak forests and wild rosemary. It smells good!

The song of the cicadas

The road is fairly flat and wide. We jump and run laughing. A child, named Thomas, hums a familiar song. Suddenly, he stayed still and it was all silent. He tips his head and he seems to hear something strange, so we all stopped.

His mother tells him that the sound he is listening to is coming from the cicadas. They are small winged insects’ with wings that make a noise when having some membranes in their abdomen. The sound is a bit garish and they only make it when the summer heat arrives.

Stairs to the sea

We follow the path and it leads us to a wooden staircase running through the ravine. A group of girls are trying to cycling down the slope with difficulty. Seeing them, we decided to walk down the stairs.


There are many to go down to get to the beach of Macarella. Surrounded by white cliffs, turquoise blue sea and all the green, we finally see it,... this place is beautiful. We sit in the shade of the pine trees to rest for a while, but bit by bit; we start taking our shoes and clothes off. The sea is so close that we cannot resist entering the water!

Caves on the way to Macarelleta

We have swam and played in the sea until getting tired. Then we decided to also rent some kayaks and we edged across the bay. We have seen some caves in the cliffs that are near to the path that leads us to Macarelleta, a small Cove which is about 200 meters from Macarella.


Thomas wanted to climb up the rocks to reach the caves. He believes that he will find a treasure which the pirates had forgotten! At the end he surrendered and we sat in the shade to eat the sandwiches that we brought along.

An adventure for Hooky

I have to go back to Club Kikoland. Hooky is waiting for me to tell me how he landed in Macarella by climbing from his ship up to the cliff and walked to Ciutadella when he arrived in Menorca for the first time. He always has many adventures to tell but today I will be the one who will tell him all about my adventure I made along the Camí de Cavalls.

It has been very exciting to explore this path where soldiers kept an eye to make sure that Minorca was not invaded by outsiders. Have you already heard of the Camí de Cavalls? I'm already planning another trip but this time along the northern coast. Could you give me some ideas to prepare another fun walk and to continue exploring Menorca?

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