To which virgin cove from Cala Galdana is Kiko taking us?

It is a splendid day and we want to go and visit the beautiful cove, Cala Mitjana, to which we can walk to from Cala Galdana, in the south of Menorca.

In the urbanization itself we see a street lamp with two stripes on it, white and red, which indicate that the entrance to the Camí de Cavalls is near. We are on the east side of Cala Galdana, in the Mirador de Sa Punta. Do you remember that when we went to Cala Macarella we also left from here but taking the road from the west?

The forest of Cala Galdana serves as a refuge

The path is surrounded by a forest of oaks and we take advantage of the shade of the trees and start to the walk towards one of the most spectacular virgin coves in Menorca. Only the birds are heard, although, from time to time, some groups of hikers ahead of us are heard too.null​We have found the remains of an old lime kiln. Did you know that lime was started to be used about 3000 years ago as material to build houses? The Egyptians mixed it with other materials and made a kind of paste of it with which they joined the stones they built buildings with.

An oven to heat stones

In Menorca they dug a hole in the earth where they accumulated limestones. They set fire to wood and had to keep the stones at a temperature of over 1000 degrees Celsius for ten or twelve days.

null​In addition, in the island, it is a tradition to whitewash the houses in spring. Do you remember the visit we made to Binibeca? All the houses of the old fishermen's village were whitewashed. They look very beautiful, so white and shiny.

A photograph from viewpoint

We followed the signs and can see the sea in the background. Then Hooky makes me change direction.

  • "We are going to go up now; there is a viewpoint from where we can see the beach and the sea. You will see that everything is surrounded by a cliff of white rocks full of trees" Hooky says.

  • "I hope it's worth it because I really want to get into the sea and swim for a while" I say

nullThe view from the viewpoint is amazing. If there would not be people moving around in the sand and kayaking on the water this would seem like a picture. The sea is turquoise blue, transparent.

  • “There are two coves, one is very small and with little sand" I tell Hooky.

  • "Yes, the first cove is called Mitjaneta. Sometimes there is not enough sand but a lot of people like to be on the rocks to sunbath and the access to the sea is very easy," Hooky says.

A quarry by the sea

We return onto the road to get to Cala Mitjana and see an old quarry of tides. It is small and no longer used but you can still see the cuts that were made to extract the stones from this white rock that were used to build houses. When I visited the Craft Center I could see some very beautiful tidal sculptures.

Pirates caves

We went down the stairs that lead towards the beach. We have finally reached the sea! We get into the water. It is refreshing and very clean.

  • "Take your snorkel glasses with you because I'm going to show you some caves close by," Hooky says.

  • "Do you pirates know all the caves that are to be seen on this island? Will you take me to one where there is a hidden treasure? I ask quietly.

  • "Hooky laughs out loud," if there would be any treasure in Menorca, I would have found it and kept it a secret, for sure! "

nullThe water of the sea is so transparent that we can see the bottom of it and you can also see the fish clearly. We visited a couple of small natural caves that enter the cliff and are very close to the beach.

From Cala Galdana to Cala Trebalúger

We have taken a rest and have eaten some delicious snacks that we prepared at Club Kikoland. We have already gathered our forces and begin the journey back to Cala Galdana.

The way back has been very entertaining because we have met some hikers on horseback. They told us that they have come from Cala Trebalúger which is half an hour from Cala Mitjana.

nullThe afternoon is over and once we arrived to Son Bou we decided to stay for a while to watch the sunset. We never get tired of the views! Hooky and I think about the excursion we made today. How many virgin coves have you seen in Menorca? And which one did you like the most?


  • There are 30 kms between Son Bou and Cala Galdana. Take the main road towards Ciutadella and, past Ferreries, you will see the signs that leads to Cala Galdana.

  • When you reach the urbanization, head to the left, towards Mirador de Sa Punta. Shortly before arriving there are a couple of free car parks very close to the entrance of the Camí de Cavalls.

  • During the tourist season there is a public transport: from Son Bou to Alaior and from there onto Cala Galdana.

  • The section of the Camí de Cavalls that runs from there until Cala Mitjana measures 1.7 km. The route is very well signposted and easy, although there are a couple of descents that, on the way back, are uphill. It takes about 30 minutes to walk to the beach.

  • We recommend you to wear suitable shoes for walking, a cap to protect you from the sun and something to eat and drink because neither during the tour or on the beach are services.

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