Volcanic rocks in the north of Menorca? Come along with Kiko and discover Cala Pregonda

​They say that Cala Pregonda is the most beautiful beach you will find in Menorca. Today I'm going to find out how beautiful it is. A friend of mine has prepared an excursion on the Camí de Cavalls that goes from the beach of Binimel·là to Pregonda, on the north side of the island.

It is an easy stretch towards the resort but there is almost no shade so I will take some water, fruit and a cap in my backpack to protect myself from the sun. Anyway, knowing that we have to pass four beautiful coves, I will have the opportunity to take a nice swim.

Where are the ducks in the lagoon?

I arrive at the Binimel·là car park, next to the restaurant near the beach. I walk down a path and from there on I can see a lagoon. It is the Torrente de S'Alairó. There is plenty of water but no ducks around. Some hikers have told me that they have left now but when around, they are not afraid to approach the people that walk by.

nullA comfortable wooden walkway takes me to the beach, avoiding treading the dunes and entering the wet area of ​​lagoon. We all need to take good care of this well preserved area because the dunes are very fragile. They help retain the sand and many birds and other animals live here.

Why do we always need to close the barriers?

The road to Pregonda is well signposted. One of the hikers I've joined reminds me that we have to close the barriers behind us.

- "We may let cows or sheep out if leaving the barriers open. They will walk down to the beach and the owner will have to go and find them to take them back," they explain.

nullI close the barrier just as we passed. The path is marked with ropes:

- "We have to follow the indicated route and stay on it. This whole area is a protected natural landscape. Look! There is the temporary pond of Calasmorts. It has no water now and is full of flowers, "a hiker called Enrique says.

Horses surrounded by colors

Just in front of the pond there is a beautiful cove, called Calasmorts. The sea is transparent and very clear. It makes me want to go in and swim but some horses have just caught my eye. They start to walk towards me very peacefully. The riders approach a panel where a route is marked and continue their way calmly down this route.

nullThey look happy! With the blue sky, the green fields full of flowers and the reddish earth through which they walk, it all paints a beautiful picture. Sometimes they get to approach the sea and enter but only during the winter months to not disturb the visitors visiting the beach.

Are there volcanoes in Menorca?

I am surprised by the contrasts of the colors in the rocks. There are very dark red and others are whitish colors. Why is this? I ask out loud and Enrique is quick to answer me:

- "The rocks here are from various geological periods. The red ones carry iron oxide and the clearest ones are volcanic rocks. Yeah, dont look at me surprised its true! In Menorca there are no volcanoes but these rocks were formed about 300 million years ago, in the Paleozoic era. "

Let go swimming!

We keep on walking and I have realized that my socks are picking up the color of the path. I will soon take them off because we are arriving to another small clear sand cove and I feel like going for a swim.

nullThere are rocks that protrude from the water. They are very close and I can swim towards them. Enrique has told me that they are part of Punta de Pregondó, a group of volcanic rocks, to which several people go to take photos. A cormorant comes out of the water and looks at me but I turn away. I want to get to Cala Pregonda. You can see it from here and it is very close.

The lighthouse on the horizon

Following the wooden posts that mark the Camí de Cavalls, I have had to climb a small hill. From here on the views are breathtaking. In the distance I can see the lighthouse of Cavalleria. Do you remember that we went to see it a few months ago? I can also see the Sanitja Tower from here. 

null​Now all we need to do is go down and that's it! I have Cala Pregonda at my feet. I do not know if it is the most beautiful beach in Menorca but it is spectacular! Because of the bright golden sand and the transparent sea, you can the clear sandy bottom and in front, the Escullar de Pregonda, a group of rocks that protrude from the sea.

Did you know that a well-known British musician, Mike Olfield, made a photograph of this cove and used it on the cover of one of his albums?

A pool between the rocks

Alongside one of the rocks there is a small cove. I do not dare to swim to it but I can see that some young people in kayak have decided to stop there to rest.

- "I just saw a seahorse and if you approach the rocks you will see crabs and many fish," Enrique tells me.

null​Well, there I go. The water is still cold but I put on my snorkeling gear and prepare myself for my underwater adventure. Today the sea is very calm as there are no waves. It looks like a large pool!

What is a Marine Reserve?

Whilst we eat next to some rocks that offer us some shade, Enrique tells me that this is an ideal area to snorkel.

- "This whole area is part of the Marine Reserve. You can fish but with restrictions as it is a protected area. There is a monitoring team that ensures that standards are met and scientists are studying the development of the marine life here. That's why you've seen so many fish and the bottom of the sea is so beautiful and clear. "

A sailboat following us

On the way back to Binimel.là, you get the chance to see everything in a different way such as the colors of the land and the rocks, the dunes and the coves. We see a sailboat that seems to be following us from the sea. When arriving at the lagoon, we enter the path that leads us to the parking whilst the sailboat disappears towards the direction of Fornells.

null​I have to return to Club Kikoland. I am tired but happy to have seen the northern part of Menorca. Have you been there before? I have met some people who go there by bike, horseback, by foot or even running. How would you like to do the tour? If you come do not forget your snorkeling gear because it is worth to see the sea from underneath. Are you ready to see and visit Pregonda?

BASIC DATA of "Cala Pregonda":

 From Son Bou to Binimel·là are 23.9 kms. When you arrive to Es Mercadal, take the Camí de Tramuntana which takes you to a crossroad. Then turn to the left and 2 kms further on, you will find a signpost on your right that leads you to Binimel·là.

 There is also another way to get there. From Son Bou to Es Mercadal and from there on you can take the road to Fornells, which is another 6 kms. Before arriving to Fornells, you will arrive at a large roundabout and on your left, is a road that goes to Tirant and the Binimel·là beaches. It is a narrow road but you will soon find a sign on your right that marks the path up towards Binimel·là. In total it is a 27 kms drive from Son Bou.

 In Binimel·là there is parking on the sides of the road and a 200 meter long path that takes you to the beach.

 Next to the car park there is a restaurant open during the tourist season.

 The route between this beach and Cala Pregonda is 1.8 kms long. To walk it you will take approximately half an hour.

 There is no shade so try to bring water, a cap and cream to protect yourself from the sun.

 Although the difficulty of the road is low, we recommend you to wear suitable footwear.

 On the way there are a couple of barriers, remember to keep them closed. They are to control the hurdles of the farms nearby.

 You will also see that the road is signaled by ropes. Try not to cross them. It is a protected natural area with a high ecological interest. We all have to collaborate to keep it well conserved.

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